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Endings and Beginnings

Today is the last day I’ve come to the office where I’ve worked for nearly three years. This end marks the beginning of a new chapter in which I’ll move from Kansas City to Tucson in a week’s time.

When I first came to this workplace, I was three months out from a major surgery and adjusting to a partial hearing loss and balance issues. I was at a low place, wondering what I had left to offer and quite honestly, feeling very old. I had ended a demanding yet rewarding career in which I felt my influence was felt in very positive ways. Physically, spiritually, and emotionally spent, it was really all I could do to get to this new workplace each day and do the rudimentary tasks to which I was assigned.

Thankfully, the healing has been steady and very powerful during this period. My brain, muddled by anesthesia, recovered well. I adjusted to my partial hearing disability and learned to accommodate my sometimes wonky balance. More importantly, I honed in on doing the things that matter most to me and spending time with people who are healthy and loving. That meant that there were friendships and other relationships that simply had to go, as painful as that was. It meant finding intentional time to spend with positive, loving people with whom I can completely be myself.

I’ll be writing more about the fork in this path I’ve come to, but the short story is that I’ll soon be moving to sunny Tucson, Arizona. There, I will enjoy more time with my youngest son and his family, which includes my boisterous two year old grandson. The healing, writing, teaching work I’ve been doing sporadically in the past several years will become my professional focus. Even as my heart tugs every time I say farewell to a co-worker or friend, I look forward to a new beginning in a new place.  Life is exciting and it once again holds great promise as I look to the future.


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