Beginnings · Law of Attraction/Art of Allowing

Landscape Revelations

I’ve now been in my new home of Tucson for three weeks. It’s been exactly a month since I finished moving out of my home in KC. My dog, Louie, and I spent two weeks with good friends in Kansas City before coming to Tucson. Of all the adjustments made in the past month, there is one that surprised me. I expected to be a little homesick. I expected to miss my family and friends in KC during the holidays, especially. I expected to be thrilled to spend this time in my son’s home and enjoy my little grandson “up close and personal.” All of those expectations were met.

The oddest thing, though…it is the landscape that has made me feel most in a foreign land. The desert and mountains nearby are beautiful. The flat terrain of Tucson and the seemingly endless horizon of one or two story buildings are simply different than I have been used to. Oh, and the sunlight…the light is so much brighter here. And as much as I find pleasing in this landscape, it is exactly that which has caused me to feel most adrift.

This all gives me pause as I think about the internal landscapes we carry with us. What occurs within us when we intentionally shift our consciousness to a different landscape? What happens, for instance, when we tap into the law of attraction to create a new reality for ourselves?

Sometimes that new landscape is so unfamiliar and unique that we ditch it and run back home to the ‘old familiar’: old ways of thinking and doing…old ways of creating. But sometimes…some times, we embrace the unfamiliar and are patient with ourselves as we become accustomed to the new light in a new place. That’s the choice I’m making today. What choice, what landscape, will you choose today?

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