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Birthing Anew

Nine  months into my ‘new life’ in Arizona and I am seeing pregnant women everywhere. Pregnant women who are far into their pregnancy…some who could go into labor at any moment. Of course it’s not unusual for me to see a pregnant woman. What’s unusual for me is to see three or four a day on numerous days in the past few weeks.

I pay attention to things like that. I may not understand the meaning right away, but when a serendipitous sight, or quote, or conversational reference turns up in close proximity and from several sources, I pay attention. The universe sends me a sign and I then wait and watch until the meaning becomes clear.

As one who is still waiting…nine months I’ve been waiting…for my employment situation to settle into stability…I first assumed (and I may not be wrong) that the symbol of a woman who might imminently go into labor represented a good ‘something’ about to happen on the employment front.

It was only today that the nine month mark of my own new life here became clear. Perhaps a new stable job is part of it, but what seems clearer is that the past nine months have been a time of growth and new development for me in every way: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. What comes out of that–and into fruition–during this nine month mark will be undoubtedly interesting.

Remembering that pregnancy and labor is as challenging as it is beautiful, I am mindful that it takes some ‘bearing down’ to birth a baby. And I am in that hard place right now. Ready for a beautiful completion to this time of massive change and transition…ready for the morphing into a new chapter of life in which I will stretch, open my eyes anew, and take in all that life has to offer from a new, changed perspective.

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