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Say Yes! – Chapter One: First Steps

Today I’m starting to post chapters from an unpublished book and curriculum that I developed and have taught as a multi-part class called “Say Yes!: an Introduction to the Law of Attraction/Art of Allowing.” As part of this writing, I am sharing valuable lessons from my own teacher, Jessica Alstrom of Transcendence Wellness, Overland Park KS. I am also deeply influenced by the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. it is my hope that this introduction will assist you in bringing about the positive, happy life your heart desires.     


What is the Law of Attraction, “manifestation,” and the Art of Allowing? All of these terms refer to the phenomenon of creating our own reality–whether it is positive or negative. We’ll talk more about this as we proceed, but manifesting our reality is based in our emotions…and in the realization that we can (and do) impact our own emotional state with more control than we normally comprehend. As we learn to guide our own emotions, we find that the desires of our heart come more easily to us. 

Why is the phrase ‘Say Yes’? so important? Because the simple act of Saying Yes will unlock many of the barriers we have to allowing the good that is meant for us to manifest in our lives. There are three aspects of taking a first step into seizing our ability to manifest positive outcomes in our lives: Awareness, Appreciation, and Intentionality.

Awareness! Become aware of the ways we say ‘no’, blocking positive manifestation from occurring. What are some of the ways we do this? 

We refuse gifts.

We refuse help.

We apologize for things we shouldn’t.

We hold on to things that no longer serve us, blocking the new from entering in.

We think because it hasn’t worked before it won’t work this time.

We believe we are unworthy.

We believe we are not free to change our lives

We believe we can’t change our reality.

We’re afraid we can’t handle what we’ll manifest.

We believe because it is not EXACTLY what we want/have asked for, it will not be helpful.


What are other ways you say ‘no’? Manifestation is active, not passive! And it feels ‘easy’ — not stressful — when we stop saying no and start saying yes. Understand that the gateway to allowing what we have asked for often comes in the saying yes to ‘smaller’ things — sometimes things it doesn’t seem we have asked for at all.

Awareness Practice 

  • Is there something you could let go of (a possession, a grudge, an attitude) to make way for something new to come in? Imagine yourself letting it go. See it go out of the door, out of your possession, out of your mindset. Feel the feelings of how that would feel.
  • Is there an area of your life that you could say yes to right now? Identify what that is — in what area of your life do you desire expansion? Focus on that, begin to feel the feelings of saying yes. Welcome it in. Feel the feelings of warmth and love for it.


Every spiritual teacher I know of talks about the importance of appreciation, or gratitude, as we manifest the lives we desire. There has been so much talk about gratitude that sometimes I imagine we roll our eyes and wonder if it can really make that much difference. Of course, we’re grateful, we think. Of course we appreciate all the good things that are in our lives. But it’s not enough to notice our grateful thoughts — we must (here again, be active) cultivate our appreciation, and most importantly spend time expanding the feelings of appreciation.

Abraham-Hicks talks about the importance of finding those areas of your life that you can easily spend time appreciating. Find that effortless thing — the sunset, something that delights you in some way — that doesn’t leave you focused on what you don’t want or something that is happening that is not what you desire.


What is one thing that you find it utterly effortless to feel appreciation for? We’re going to spend a short time (a few minutes or more) focusing on that one thing. Go deep into appreciation for that object that you’ve named in your mind. Perhaps it is a sunset. Imagine the sunset…gaze at the colors and notice the gradations and shades of the various colors you see. Continue to ponder it with appreciation and notice the emotions that arise within you. (If you aren’t able to actually see the thing you’re thinking of, it is just as effective to imagine it, seeing it in your  mind.) Remember to feel the feelings of appreciation which arise…

Appreciation Practice

  • We’ve just done a little practice with something I’ll ask you to do from now on. Upon awakening and as you are going to sleep, practice feeling appreciation for something (can be the same thing every day if needed) that you find easy to appreciate. This should not feel like a struggle. just bask in the feelings of appreciation. At night, relax and don’t worry about how fast you’re falling asleep. When doing this upon awakening, hit the snooze button and practice this until the alarm goes off again. Again, relax and if you drift back to sleep, it’s okay. Hold the appreciation for between five and ten minutes if possible.
  • The second important step in expanding our feelings of appreciation is in writing down those things we’re grateful for.  Writing will imprint on our brains this pattern of gratitude/appreciation. Each day, write down ten things for which you are appreciative — and at least five of those are to be about yourself.

Intentionality: Raising our Vibration 

The third of the initial steps in this process it to be intentional about raising our vibration. I’d like to share with you two lists that come from my teacher, Jessica Alstrom. These are not new ideas, but I want to give credit to Jessica for getting them in one place. It’s very important, as we move into allowing that we create a very positive environment in which we can thrive.

There are many things that serve to lower our vibration and are a hindrance to us in creating the life we want. This is a pretty short list, because we could go on at length, but this will give you an idea of what Jessica talks about. All of these and more are just not what we need around us:

What Lowers our Vibration?

  • Complaining (ourselves) or complainers (others)
  • People who drain our energy (toxic people)
  • Not being authentic, or true to ourselves
  • Settling (not reaching for what we truly desire)
  • Victim mentality
  • Negative beliefs
  • Being passive, taking no action
  • Focus on lack
  • Negative and/or violent television/media/movies
  • Toxic food and chemicals
  • Living in disorganization/clutter

Are there others you can think of?

What Raises our Vibration?

  • Gratitude/Appreciation
  • De-cluttering (we’ll talk more about this)
  • Belly breathing
  • Energy work
  • Drinking and being around water
  • Direct sunlight
  • Sound healing (check Youtube)
  • Solution based thinking
  • Direct contact with nature
  • Eating live foods
  • Helping others
  • Do not complain
  • Focus attention on the positive in each situation/ignore unwanted circumstances
  • Refrain from talking about illness
  • Epsom salts/mineral baths
  • Feel your feelings with no apologies     
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Read uplifting material
  • Watch uplifting movies and videos
  • Set goals and do research about them
  • Get excited about anything
  • Spend time with the people who are emotionally healthy
  • If you love children and/or animals, spend time with them. Notice their utter joy in life.
  • Meditation
  • Observe without judgment
  • Trust in the love of source energy

Are there others you can think of?

“Keeping frequency high creates more high frequency.” – Jessica Alstrom

Reflection: As you hear these two lists, what are your challenges? What do you think might be difficult for you to avoid? To achieve?

Summary, Chapter One:

What the beginning of this process is about is to reset our minds and hearts to be receptive to the abundance that is “waiting in escrow” for us, as Abraham-Hicks says. We are preparing ourselves, and even as we prepare ourselves, we will start to see shifts in our lives. And because of that there is ONE more first step we need to take.

Get a notebook and carry it everywhere with you. You are going to see amazing things start happening. Document serendipities, dreams, visions and messages. Write down everything. And as you write, remember to also document your feelings about what has happened. This will be important.

And remember, as Abraham-Hicks says, “there is great love for you.” Practice feeling that love!

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