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Napoleon’s Surprise

Today I had the pleasure of spending time with two treasured friends. We visited the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art here in Kansas City, where we spent a great deal of time in the special exhibit, “Napoleon: Power and Splendor.” The opulence and grandeur of Napoleon’s reign was gloriously on display.

As my friends and I slowly made our way through each fascinating space, we became somewhat separated and immersed in our own moments of discovery. As I entered a section displaying articles related to the tradition of hunting, I was especially drawn to a very simple hunting knife and its leather sheath. It was Napoleon’s dagger, quite distinct in its simplicity and utility, especially in comparison to the ornate swords nearby.

As I stood in front of it, wondering why my attention was so strongly focused there, I felt a clear, strong energetic presence that seemed to extend about a foot outward from the display and encircling it. My immediate feeling was that it was the energy of Napoleon and that this hunting dagger was one that Napoleon had worn many, many times and was never without while hunting. I felt there was a very sentimental pull, as though in this knife there was a connection for Napoleon to a simpler, cherished time in his life. I felt his fondness for it, as though he thought of it as an old friend.

Awhile later, I brought my friends back to the display and told them what I had felt. Once again I felt an almost overwhelming energy. This dagger was a concrete symbol for Napoleon of where he had come from and that he knew it was important that he not lose sight of that in the midst of his power.

I have spent many hours in museums over many years, and never had this type of psychic experience. It’s been a day I will not soon forget.

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