About Kaizen & Kimberly

“Kaizen” is loosely translated from Japanese as “change for the better.” Kaizen Living is devoted to wellness of mind, body and spirit and the belief that we can create our own reality and subsequently, our own happiness.

Who am I? I am committed to creating my desired reality in an intentional way after decades of rather haphazardly and often unintentionally creating it in the past. I am an intuitive, energy worker, and teacher/facilitator. It is my purpose and my passion in life to assist others who are seeking discernment about their own purpose and passion in this life.

As a former chaplain and pastor, I’ve worked in such diverse settings as a mountaintop retreat center, urban core homeless shelter, Veteran’s hospital, churches, and a hospice. While I’ve left that chapter of my life behind (and with it organized religion) I hold the belief that we are all spiritual beings who hold tremendous power to tap into Source Energy (the Divine, God, Wisdom…) and create the life we choose to have. In doing so, we can heal the wounds of the past and live fully in the present.

I’m glad you’ve come to my website. Welcome!                                       Kimberly Ross, M.Div.


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